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Last of the Romantics

Danny Driver - piano

Brahms: Four Piano Pieces Op 119
Liszt: La Lugubre Gondola I & II, Nuages Gris

Schoenberg: Drei Klavierstücke Op 11


Ailish Tynan - soprano
James Baillieu - piano
Jack Liebeck - violin

Mahler: "Ich ging mit Lust durch einen grünen Wald"
           - "Ablösung im Sommer"  
           - "Scheiden und Meiden"
           - "Ging heut' Morgen übers Feld"
R. Strauss: "Morgen"                                                    
R. Strauss: Vier Letze Leider, Op. Post.              

The last decades of the 19th century and the first of the 20th mark the last flowering of romanticism. We journey through German romanticism with late piano pieces by Liszt and Brahms. Via four delightful songs by Gustav Mahler, we arrive at Richard Strauss’s wonderful songs “Morgen” and the “Four Last Songs”. The shape of things to come is illustrated by Schoenberg’s Three Piano Pieces, Op. 11.